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Directory Listings

All About Directory Listings
The Alliance's online directory is the most-comprehensive, most-detailed, and most-used source of information about entities serving the military reunion market. Members automatically get a free listing.
The basic listing can be upgraded at no charge by submitting a 'Mini-Ad' of up to 50 words.
The listing is automatically upgraded even further if there are other Alliance members in your city or metropolitan area.
A new and improved directory is under construction, to supplement or replace the existing one. It has room for hundreds of words of advertising copy, as well as one or more pictures. Listings are free for CVBs.  
Scroll down to see more about directory listings.

The Alliance web site has a high ranking in the results for military reunion-related search terms. Your listing there benefits you because:
It is easily found by anyone interested in military reunions
It identifies you as supportive of veterans, and actively involved in the military reunion market
It is clean, attractive and fast-loading
It works for you at no charge, 24/7, 365 days a year

The basic listing, created when you join the Alliance, looks like this:
CVBs appear on a green background, to differentiate them from the other members, normally shown on white. On the web site, clicking the city name opens the Wikipedia article on that city. Clicking the CVB's name opens its web site, and clicking the green dot opens its 'Request a Visitor Guide' page. Clicking the contact name initiates an email to that contact. If the user has Skype fully installed, clicking the phone number initiates a Skype call to that number. All links have clear and meaningful 'screen tips' to indicate their function.  

If you want to, you can submit a free 50-word ad to appear in your listing. It's free and it's useful, so it's well worth the trouble of writing it and sending it in:
You can submit your ad at any time by clicking Submit Your Ad here or in the margin at the top of this page.  

When other Supporting Members are present in the same city, they are grouped as shown below. The CVB and others are listed in contrasting colors, and a bold line is drawn around all the members in the area:
In these multi-member listings, the other members are grouped below the CVB and are shown alphabetically in a contrasting color. A bold line is drawn around all the members in the city or metropolitan area.

Click Here to see the Alliance's complete directory of reunion cities, hotels, and attractions.
Click Here to Submit Your Ad.

New Directory Under Construction 
We have under construction a greatly improved directory of reunion cities. For a limited time, CVBs with fully-paid-up dues can get no-charge listings in the new directory. The listings look like this, but are somewhat larger on the screen:
Click Here to see the entire new directory (still Under Construction).
To submit your material for this new directory, send email to Attach an image that is at least 600 pixels wide, and preferably no wider than 1024, with a Word file containing the copy for your ad. (Please do not put your ad copy in the body of your email.) Your copy can be as long as you'd like, but it's best to keep it to a few hundred words. We will convert it to unformatted text, so please don't do much special formatting. If you want to include hyperlinks, place them at the end of your copy. We might be able to include them in your listing later.  

If you have questions or need assistance, send email or call Skip Sander at 412-367-1376.